Help for People in Law Firms

 Help for People in Law Firms

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 Richard has worked with people, (partners and staff), in law firms for over 30 years and has helped them work out how they should respond to the challenges they face.

We also have the answer when it comes to making your law firm more profitable and deal with the thorny issue of paying off debt.  Do you know which of your areas of law make money and which are losing you money? Having the time to analyse it properly is difficult and costs you too much time.  Our help will be quick, relevant and we will explain things in a language you understand.

Are you having difficulty identifying your strategy?  Do you know how to move forwards?  One of our facilitated strategy days will help you clear things within the partnership and perhaps wider within the firm.

Making my law firm profitable starts here

 We have assisted law firms for over 25 years.  In that time we have advised on:

  • Tax-efficient business structures
  • Reducing borrowings
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Partner retirement
  • Budgeting for Profit
  • Minimising "Lock-up" ( Work in Progress, Disbursements & Debtors)
  • Reducing Overheads
  • Management Accounts and Management Information Systems
  • Calculating "Accrued Income" and Work in Progress figures
  • Solicitors Accounts Rules compliance
  • Training partners & fee earners and above all......
  • Making you more money


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